Omitted is a weekly history podcast that explores the untold stories behind historic events we all thought we knew. We’ll spend a season at a time focusing on one historic moment in particular, delving into the details and hearing stories that are rarely told.

In season one, we discussed Titanic, a subject that’s been recited millions of times in dozens of formats. We heard tales of career sabotage, kidnap, racism, of luck both good and bad, and of heroic survival that should never have slipped through the hands of time in the first place.

In season two, we discussed Pearl Harbor, taking a closer look at what happened that day, digging deeper into the details we haven’t heard. From ancient times to forbidden islands, we saw a side of December 7th that most never knew.

In season three, we’re discussing the Civil Rights Movement.

These are the stories that have been omitted from the narrative. These are the tales that could soon be forgotten. For that reason, they must be told.

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