PWLT Best Practice for Hosts

Disclaimer: I am a moderator for the Podcasts We Listen To Facebook group.

Facebook groups can be extremely helpful in getting your show out there to folks who might be interested. If you’ve read my previous post, “10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Starting My First Podcast”, you’ll recall point #5: Target people who already listen to podcasts. That’s the nice thing about groups like Podcasts We Listen To. The people there already listen. They take very little convincing.

Learning to leverage the power behind a group of this size and sort can be challenging, though, and I’ve noticed a number of hosts who either a.) don’t use it to its full potential, or b.) don’t practice etiquette that’s conducive to building listener loyalty.

For success in groups like PWLT, here’s a set of basic principles to follow:

Read the group rules.
This is a must. Read them, understand them, practice them. Facebook groups are powerful marketing tools; don’t get yourself kicked out of one for not following the group’s rules.

Maintain a single thread for your show. (This is a rule on PWLT but is best practice anyway)
By maintaining a single post for your show and then updating it with a comment when you have a new episode, it shows that you’ve been engaged with the community for a while.
The likes and reactions on your single post will accumulate over time, rather than being spread out over a number of different posts. Because of this, your listener base appears larger.
Listeners who comment on your post will be alerted every time you update it, meaning they’ll see every new episode you post.
After you’ve started a thread for your show, be sure to click the down arrow and “Save” the post. This will give you easy access to it right from your own newsfeed in the future.
If you can’t find your dedicated post via the search bar, try your first and last name. Still can’t find it? Try your last name. Creating a new post should be used as a last resort because it means starting over again without the momentum you’d already gained.

Add your podcast to the appropriate files.
On the left-hand side of the PWLT group page, there’s a link labeled “Files.” Click on the ones that seem appropriate for your show and add your name/show to the list.

Make friends.
PWLT is a great place to make friends and to network. Compliment other hosts on their accomplishments and they’ll do the same for you. We all want our friends in real life to tell everyone they know about our show, but the friends you make here are the ones who will actually do it.

Talk about things that aren’t your show.
Answer questions for people, give recommendations,  offer input about a show you enjoy. If the only comments you ever make are about your show, it just comes across as spammy (and believe me, people notice). No one wants to be friends with someone who only ever talks about themselves.

Thank your listeners for talking about you!
Periodically do a search on the group for your show’s name to make sure you didn’t miss any posts about you. Thanking your listeners for talking about your show lets them know you’re engaged and grateful, and if they know you’re engaged, they’re more likely to talk about you!

Using these basic principles, I’ve been able to grow my download numbers tenfold. It’s allowed me to make friends within the community and meet listeners who are willing to say nice things to others about my work. PWLT (and similar groups) can be a great resource for marketing your work. You just have to know how to do it well.


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