S2E11 – (Un)known

Cover photo for Omitted Pearl Harbor History podcast, episode 11: Unknown

In April of 2015, the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency announced a lofty new plan. 73 years after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the agency would return to the scene of the disaster and perform a duty that, for multiple reasons, wouldn’t have been possible in 1941. With the help of both historical records and modern technology, the agency set out to attach a name to the remains of the 388 victims of the USS Oklahoma who were left unidentified following the aftermath of that fateful day. Of the 429 men killed aboard the Oklahoma that morning, only 35 were ever fully identified in the years that followed. The rest, the hundreds of men who were lost when their ship suddenly capsized, were buried on O’ahu inside plain, wooden coffins in mass graves with headstones marked “Unknown.”

And now, a full 75 years after their final chapter ended, their story is receiving its epilogue.

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  • Tim Aldrich
    2 years ago

    Greetings from Wisconsin. I’m surprised this thought didn’t come to mind until listening to S2 E11. I think it was the mention of USS Oklahoma that did it. The most unique perspective of Pearl Harbor was a book I’ve had for years, “Descent Into Darkness: Pearl Harbor 1941: A Navy Diver’s Memoir” by Commander Edward C. Raymer. The usual history of Pearl Harbor covers the attack, immediate aftermath and then it trails off into the Pacific. This diver’s memoir covers Pearl Harbor after attention had been drawn elsewhere. It’s a good read.

    The Titanic podcasts drew me here and that’s a subject I’m quite interested in (since seeing a model in 1982) and I have been enjoying the podcasts.

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